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Question #27757 posted on 08/05/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear speechless actor,

Re: Board Question #27561


Think of it this way... If you play a character who's racist, you'll have to say racist things. But if the movie is good (and it's your responsibility to make sure you act in good, uplifting movies), then there will be a good context for your less-than-reputable dialogue.

Similarly, if you play a character who curses, you'll have to use curse words, but as long as they're not gratutitous, then they're there to help the art. They're there to make the movie better, more intense, more realistic, et cetera.

Can you imagine the characters in Saving Private Ryan calling each other "doofus brains" and claiming that "war is totally lame" instead of using their profanity-filled script? It would have become a mockery of a movie.

Bottom line is, don't do something if it makes you feel really uncomfortable. That's always a warning sign. But analyze your situation a little bit. Are you using curse words to bring the character to life? If omitting those words makes your character less real, then I think it's your responsibility as a performance artist to keep them in. But that's just one guy's humble opinion.

And I'm not even a Board Writer, so take it for what it's worth.

- Chris

A: Dear Chris,

Board writer or not, we appreciate your comments.