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Question #27836 posted on 07/13/2002 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

You know that Brigham Young quote about being unmarried at 27 and a menace to society? Where can one find that? I've searched high and low (well, not really; but I've checked the Internet) and the only place I found it was in an interview with Steve Young. I'm looking for the original quote and the original reference. Thanks!

--Six years away from "menace" status (although I'm a girl so I don't know if the quote applies to me)

A: Dear Phantom Non-Menace

Actually, no one has been able to discover Brigham Young's original quote. Ernest Wilkinson, former president of BYU, once said in a commencement address:

"As to the single men, I need merely to repeat the admonition attributed to Brigham Young, "Every man not married and over twenty-five is a menace to the community." I asked Dr. Lyman Tyler yesterday if he would document this for me, but he said he had been trying to document it for years; he had given up, so you will have to accept it either on faith, or as apocryphal."

Sounds like a good conclusion to me.

--She Who Must Not Be Named