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Dear 100 Hour Board,
On the A&E version of "Pride and Prejudice", there is a specific song playing while Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are dancing at the Netherfield Ball. This same song that they are dancing to is also danced to in "Emma" at the ball when Emma and Mr. Knightley are dancing. What is the name of this song? Who is the composer?
Typical Girl

A: Dear Typical Girl,

That song is Mr. Beveridge's Maggot" (maggot meaning "favorite," not larva). Like many folk songs, the original composer is lost, but it got it's name from a dance master named Mr. Beveridge. This tune was first published in 1695 in Playford's Dancing Master, a country dance guidebook.
Music for it is found at:

-Julia, who loves her own Mr. Darcy