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Question #29030 posted on 09/26/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board girl writers,

Do you have any preferred brands for polo shirts, or just basic tees (not like t-shirts, but the nicer quality white tees).

- too lazy to shop

A: Dear Lazy,

I have to confess, Forever 21 has long been my favorite ever. Unfortunately, this entity has yet to make it to Utah, and also, I think they've been gradually getting less and less modest in the apparel they carry. Sad.

So second on my list would definitely be Charlotte Russe. They often have nicer quality solid color tees on sale or so. I highly recommend.

-Lexi Khan
A: Dear too lazy,

I like Aeropostale for polos and Gap for basic tees. Then of course there's Shade . I like them too.

- Lavish
A: Dear lazy,

I'm a big fan of Ralph Lauren Polo. They make excellent quality shirts.

And, of course, Nike does, too.