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Question #295 posted on 07/23/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
One thing I would like to do before I graduate and leave this institution is play the Carillon Bell Tower. I am a pretty good pianist and an OK can someone like me, who has never had a music class at BYU and is not a music major, ever have a chance of playing the carillon console? How about simply going up and viewing the console?
- Big Ben

A: Dear Big Ben,
You'd have to contact Dr. R. Don Cook of the School of Music, BYU's official "Carillonneur" (bell tower player). He and his two assistants are in charge of the music from the bell tower. I know tours aren't a normal occurrence, but talk to him and he might be able to hook you up. After all, he's helped people get engaged before (see archives) so he might be able to help you with a lifelong dream as well. Let us know when you're performing, won't you?