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Question #29843 posted on 10/23/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I don't mean to sound dumb but i've noticed people are refering to themselves as a "werf". What the heck is a "werf"?

- Smee

A: What Ho Smee!

A werf, is in fact a perjoritive used by a small tribe from the darkest jungles of New Guinea. Loosely translated it references the distinctive stains left on the lips and teeth of habitual Betel nut chewers.
Not exactly pretty.
But, because this is a condition not limited by caste or gender, the word has been borrowed (some would say co-opted) into English, as a way of denoting someone who is not limited by Earthly restraints - a demiurge, if you will, much like William Blake's Urizen.

Of course, this begs you to ask another question. If it has such a small application, why is it used so often by board writers?

Perhaps not all is what it seems.

Perhaps you can use, what my elementary school teachers called 'Context Clues,' to answer your own question?

Perhaps a quick search through the archives would yield still more enlightenment?

Or even a trip to our handy-dandy 'Frequently Asked Questions' page?

The choice is yours! Impress your friends and be the first on your block to change base-matter into gold as you unlock the secrets of the Werf! Collect all four, they taste great with Ranch dressing or Fry sauce.

- Bertie
A: Dear,

Heh, heh. You werf!

-Uffish Thought