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Question #30082 posted on 10/27/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear ywleader et al,

Regarding question Board Question #29583, Sugar N' Spice doesn't actually MAKE the butterscotch brownies; they're made by the pastry kitchen, which is tucked away behind all the Cougareat restaurants. You could try calling Dining Services to see if they could hook you up with someone in the pastry kitchen for the recipe.

Also, fsyod's recipe looks pretty close to the mark. Just FYI -- The frosting that the pastry kitchen uses is a cream cheese frosting, the nuts in the brownies are definitely walnuts, and there are also chocolate covered toffee bits on top of the frosting (I think like heath bar bits). Good luck!

- One of the Lovely Ladies at Sugar N' Spice