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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am on a very popular LDS singles website. There are quite a few out there and I've been on alot of them. I recently received an email from a guy on this singles wbsite that said to me :
"The Council of the 12 have come out against dating sites"
I searched lds.org and found no such evidence to support his "claim". I know we are told to be careful on the internet in general, but I don't believe the 12 apostles have made a statement saying that they are against dating sites. Do you know of any such council?

- Goldk

A: Dear Goldk,

Apparently none of us can think of any specific counsel along those lines either. I agree with you that we have been counseled to be cautious in general (which I think is in agreement with what the general authorities have said), but I couldn't find any direct statements against dating sites. (I searched lds.org as well, and didn't find much.)

Obviously the biggest thing is that people can pretend to be pretty much anyone online, so if you go to meet someone in person, be very careful--bring a friend or something. As for that guy's comment, I've noticed people are sometimes pretty free with attributing quotes to general authorities that may or may not ever have been said. If something of that nature was said at some point, perhaps one of our readers will catch it.

-Laser Jock