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Question #3033 posted on 02/09/2004 12:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

The master calendar for activities on campus says that spring preference is February 20-21. You told me March 5 and 6. Which is the correct date? My life depends upon it!!

- Utterly Confused

A: Dear Utterly Confused,

Sorry 'bout that -- one of the more evil parts of my schizophrenic personality (or my evil twin Meno) must have answered that question. The master calendar is correct: Preference is on February 20-21. Happy Dancing!

A: Dear Utterly Confused,
Never completely trust the second/third/fourth source of something. I would go straight to BYUSA--No, I hate to inform you, but Preference is March 5 and 6th. They changed it. I happen to have two good friends who are actually *planning* preference, and I think they would know. So good luck, and I hope your life turns out on the good side of things...
- Duchess