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Question #3061 posted on 02/09/2004 midnight

Dear Readers of the Board
I just want to say I totally agree with "Deeply Offended" and don't understand why everybody is giving him/her so much crap. Even if you're kissing someone of the same sex as a joke, it is still wrong. I don't think Deeply Offended should be getting so much garbage for saying what is right, especially here at BYU. Give him/her a break.
- Tired of people offended by "Deeply Offended"

A: Dear Stupid,
Give me a break. Is everyone in Europe wrong because they kiss people of the same gender? D.O. said what they THOUGHT was right, not what WAS right. Don't miss the distinction. Neither you nor D.O. are the authority on what's right, God is. So get off your high horse and let Him judge. People asked for our opinion, we gave it. We didn't say anything was right or wrong (at least not in absolutes as so many have felt their duty to do), we just told it like we felt. Get over yourself.
::: Latro :::