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Question #3084 posted on 02/10/2004 midnight

Dear Obfusticator,
All indelible wainscots aside, how many of those turncoats WOULD opt for a rebarbative mendicant instead of the juggernaut known as the insinuating binnacle? And what would happen to the collective effervescence of the inextricable gorse spinneys if someone were to obviate the so-called impregnable postern? It makes one's teeth stand on end, really it does.
- Rapscallions never prosper anyway.

A: Pulchritudinous Rapscallion Incognite,
Ne'er to ignore an ineffaceable encrustation, introspectively I would surmise circa seven, though categorical certitude escapes tenability. As to collective effervescence, methinks you posit askew. Your catechism is literatim moot-- as the aperture is, eventuate, pertinaciously inassailable. Incontrovertably mesmeric, nevertheless, to entertain aspirant prospect.
Though my molars rarely dispose themselves in variant fashion from supine acquiescence to my gustatory dictates, your query incontestably merits (at the very least) navel-contemplative ponderance; salut.
=> Obfuscator (who, despite your doled nomenclature, exhibits no proclivity for rustication.)