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Question #30954 posted on 10/29/2001 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I hear that airline rates have hit rock bottom and that deals are floating around anywhere for the gutsy traveler who hasn?t been scared out of flying. So, my question is this: What are some good websites, search engines, way, etc. to purchase tickets on the internet?

Antiterrorism traveler

A: Dear Antiterrorism traveler:

Almost all airlines have offered significantly discounted rates. If you are traveling in the Western U.S., try http://www.southwest.com (my personal favorite). Another powerful, reliable website is http://www.travelocity.com.& nbsp; They have great rates and they are a reliable, well known service (you should always be careful when you spend large amounts of money online). If you are looking for search engines, try http://travel.yahoo.com. Make sure you get to the airport plenty early, though-

-Knut the Great