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Question #3149 posted on 02/12/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
When does it start to warm up here in Utah? I need warmth.
- Ciao

A: Dear Ciao,

I feel your pain. I'm from the south, where it can still be around 60 in December. However, Utah is much different, to my dismay, and apparently yours. March it starts getting above freezing more than 3 days a month. April is better. It's not 70s, but it's a sign that spring is coming. May is when it is consistently warm every day. Ahhh! Why am I living in Utah!?!

A: Dear Ciao,

What, you don't like the twenties? Or the snow? My car did a 340° coming home on Saturday night. I suggest fleece blankets. Lots of 'em. And maybe those hand warmer things that you snap in half and they produce heat.

A: Dear Ciao,

Yeah, I'm cold too. Wanna spoon?