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Question #31504 posted on 12/16/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you know where I could find a copy of Vaughn J. Featherstone's scripture memorization tool along with the recommended scriptures?

Our Elders recently shared a copy but were transferred before I could get my own.

thanks in advance

- Nate

A: Dear Nate ~

Wow - I did a Google search for "Vaugh J. Featherstone scripture memorization" and lo and behold, the third hit down was a Board archive. I couldn't help but chuckle. For the record, it is Board Question #18326. That answer makes it sound like the program is simply memorizing a scripture a day in order to gain a photographic memory. But I'm guessing by the nature of your question that the program has more to it than that.

Upon further search, I found Do-It-Yourself Destiny written by Vaughn J. Featherstone, published in 1977. There are 3 copies in the HBLL library, 1 in Special Collections, and 1 at LDS Business College. All of them have the call number BX 8648 .F313d. Upon looking at the book, however, I don't think it's what you want. But, if anyone is interested and capable of time travel, there is a General Conference ticket for the Saturday morning session of the October 2006 session inside one copy of the book at the HBLL library. The book itself sounded like a good read as well, just not about scripture marking.

... wait a second. This question is about scripture memorization. For some reason I had it in my head that this was about scripture marking. (Despite the fact that I did a Google search for 'memorization'.) Perhaps because my mom asked for a scripture marking program for Christmas... Anyway, point is, that book still doesn't help us out. But, the Board Question does. Disillusioned Memorizer references Board Question #18175 that asks about Pres. Monson saying that if you memorize a scripture a day, in two years you'll gain a photographic memory. DM then discusses the program a little.

So...I searched some more with my enlightened knowledge. And I still couldn't find a list. I'm sorry. But, I did find this quote by Vaughn J. Featherstone:
Through the years I have listened carefully for mottos, slogans, poems, etc. that motivate. Following are some I would suggest that you commit to memory. If you do, they will always be there for recall. When you memorize something, it becomes a part of you and can be called upon at will to give you strength when there seems to be no strength left. (New Era, Sept. 1975, 26)
There you go. Now you know that he thinks it's important.

Ehhh... so basically, I wasn't very helpful here. In the words of Brutus: Please don't hate me.

- Dragon Lady

Editor's Addendum: The following was submitted by a reader:

Vaughn J. Featherstone's Scripture Memorization Program

1. Purchase 3x5 cards, dividers, and box.
2. Label each day of the week on 7 individual dividers.
3. Label each day of the month on individual dividers (1-31)

1. Memorize 1 scripture a day every day (Number each scripture)
2. Carry the 3x5 cards with you and review throughout the day. (Carry each new scripture with you, after the first week you will always be carrying 7 scriptures with you.)
3. After memorizing a scripture a day for one week, place the oldest card into the day of the week you started. Example: If you memorized a scripture on Monday, you would carry that scripture with you for a week. On Monday a week later, you would place it under "Monday" in your 3x5 box.
4. After the scripture is reviewed for a week and placed in the box under that certain day, you will review it once a week on that day for a month. (A maximum of 4 scriptures will be in a day of the week.)
5. Every day review the cards that are in that particular day. Example: If today were Monday, I would take out all cards that were underneath "Monday" file and review them.
6. After a scripture has been reviewed once a week for a month, take it out and place it into that day of the month. Example: If today was Monday the 22nd, and I had reviewed a scripture once a week for a month, (4 weeks) I would take it out of "Monday" and place it under the 22nd file.
7. After the scripture is placed under the day of the month, it will be reviewed once a month for a year. Example: Every month on the 22nd I would review the scriptures under that file.

You will always be carrying 7 scriptures with you, reviewing both the scriptures in the days of the week, and of the days of the month every day. The more you memorize, the more you will review. Each scripture will be reviewed approximately 22 times in a year. After a scripture is memorized for a year, throw it out. When you follow the program every day for two years, you will have a photographic memory!