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Question #3190 posted on 02/13/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My parents are probably going to terminate their AOL account in the next few months, leaving me here in Provo without a way to connect to the internet. What do you recommend in the way of dial-up ISP's? The chances of my apartment getting high-speed internet are not very good.

- Hates dial-up but doesn't have much of a choice

A: Dear Hating Dial-up,

XMission. It's the only way to go. Very reliable, clean internet connection without having to load a bunch of programs on your computer. I HIGHLY recommend them for dial-up service.

- The Webmaster, who was an XMission customer until he moved to broadband
A: Dear Sensible,

We had NetZero. It was okay. Some apartment complexes have cable Internet, though.

~I love the Broadband