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Question #3198 posted on 02/14/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Whats your prefrence, lime or pineapple?

- (big sherbet eater)

A: Dear big sherbet eater,

Pineapple. All the way. Lime is good, but I love pineapple.

- The Webmaster
A: Dear BIG,

It's hard to beat fresh pineapple.

A: Dear (bse),


A: Dear BSE,


A: Dear Sherbet eater,


The captain
A: Dear Sherbet,

Rainbow sherbet all the way. (Just one flavor gets boring too quickly.)

A: Dear Sorbet,

Coconut sherbert. No, lime sherbert. Actually, I put the lime in the coconut and I drink it all up. I put the lime in the coconut...

-CGNU Grad
A: Dear BSE,

Forget the sherbet. Give me some limeade, lime tortilla chips, and a few slices of fresh pineapple.

A: Dear sherbety goodness:

Lime all the way, baby.

-- The Keeper of Citrificated Noses