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Question #32102 posted on 09/15/1999 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why the heck did they make the doors to the Eyring Science Center so hard to open?

- Wimp

A: Dear Wimp,

There are 2 reasons WHY:

First, studies show that only 5% of the students here at BYU get enough exercise. But those who are in good shape (a.k.a. Athletes) get in trouble with the Honor code office and get expelled. So the administration figured they could increase the overall health at BYU by making the doors to all the new buildings difficult to open. In the same stroke of genius, they cut the budget to the weight room, figuring it wasn't necessary with a door doubling as a bench press.

Second, there are new fire codes for the newer buildings, involving methods for smoke evacuation in case of a fire. The closer on each door is attached to a motor. If the fire alarm in the Eyring Science center goes off, (Do not set it off yourself just to test me) the motors engage opening up the doors, allowing air to come in and fuel the fire, oops, I mean ventilate the smoke. These same motors attached to the closers make it difficult for you, my wimpy friend, to open the doors.

-- Smokey the Bear