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Question #32145 posted on 09/15/1999 midnight

Dear 100 hour board,

Why does BYU policy allow females employees rides home after dark--what about male employees?


A: Dear Afraid,

It is not a ride home program, but a safe walk program, offered by student life and having nothing at all to do with BYU policy. Call 378-2222 for an escort, and a BYU police officer will escort you to your car or to the edge of campus. This service is offered to anyone who is on BYU property, not just to employees, and is certainly NOT restricted to females, although the number of men who call for an escort is nil. And the reason for that is because 99% of BYU bachelors are hoping a crazed female will jump on them in the dark.

-- Adam Carolla

Editor's Note:
The safe walk program will take you past the edge of campus. Please call them! Too many students fail to take advantage of this program.