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Question #3240 posted on 02/16/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was talking to my cousin & her cousin about curfew w/ the opposite sex. In the dorms the opposite sex has to be out by 1.30 on Fridays, & midnight for the rest of the nights. Under the honor code & the prophet's counsel is it okay to continue your social activities elsewhere or should the night end at the dorm's designated time?


A: Dear NKTOB:

In October 2000, my dear friend G. Hinckley said something so true it's almost axiomatic: "Bad things happen after 11 o'clock."

-- The Keeper of Spectral Breath Mints
A: Dear NKTOB,

Adding on to the Keeper, in the last General Relief Society meeting President Hinckley said "Teach [your sons] that nothing really good happens after 11 o'clock at night." While he directs this teaching toward sons, in your context of co-ed curfew, it more than amply applies. [Gordon B. Hinckley, "To the Women of the Church," Ensign, Nov. 2003, 113 (available on www.lds.org)]