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Dear Library Livers (dwellers, not organs),

Why are some of the bathrooms in the library so huge?

- Puzzled by Plenteous Porcelain

A: Dear Puzzled ~

Because there are a lot of people who use the restrooms in the library. They want to be able to accommodate everyone. Supply and demand, my friend.

~ Dragon Lady
A: Dear Alliterating Asker,

  • Because "they" designed it that way.
  • Because the people in library are so huge.
  • Because reading is a diarrhetic.
  • The same reason there's that huge bathroom east of Jamba Juice, but no bathrooms where people actually are (Cougareat/Bookstore).
  • To fit all those "Don't post anything in the bathroom" posters.
  • So you can have a buffer stall.
  • People peed more 20 years ago.
  • To provide on-campus janitorial jobs.

-=Optimus Prime=-