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Question #334 posted on 07/21/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Not a question, but a comment. I can see that nothing irks you more than answering a previously asked question. Here's an unsolicited tip. Create a web page dedicated to FAQs with a list on the top and text anchors so it is easily searchable. Also, permanently post it on the board (without the list) on a page with no margins in the smallest type possible to conserve space. That way you will (hopefully) never have to field any more questions about the tunnels connecting all the buildings, the mist by the MARB, the superficial angst and relationship woes of singles, etc. After that, you will not have to use your resources fielding repeat questions and can finally get around to answering that one I sent in a year ago.
- Muawiya

Dear Muawiva,
Thanks for the suggestion; we're working on a major board revamp for fall and we'll and it does include the archive search.
- The Board