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Question #33958 posted on 03/08/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know some of you are real movie buffs.

Two of my favorite movies are "The Net" and "Enough". The thing these two have in common is that they are both about women (Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez) who become strong and do whatever is needed to defend themselves and their lives.

Can you suggest any movies that are similar?

I'm almost ready to learn martial arts after seeing Enough again today!

- Your Mom

A: Dear Mom,

If you're really my mom, you'll probably discard this suggestion.

If you're not really my mom, you may well still discard this suggestion.

If you're the other writers, you'll probably publicly discard this suggestion.

Spy Kids.

Heh. Come on ... there are totally female spies in that movie.

Also, maybe Selena but definitely the first three seasons of Alias.

Ummmm. I suppose Charlie's Angels doesn't count.

You could try Christy (an adaptation of the book by Catherine Marshall, which I used to LOVE and read like crazy when I was in elementary school), starring Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly most recognizably ... also Stewart Finlay-McLennan and Randall Batinkoff).

Maybe The Color Purple. Which I haven't actually seen yet but which is described on IMDB as "The life and trials of a young African American Woman." It came to mind enough for me to search it, and the clips I've seen of it were of some for real woman strength, so maybe it fits.

Another one I haven't seen but sounds like it could fit this is Iron-Jawed Angels. It comes highly recommended, although not by me (considering I haven't seen it). I hear it's quite awe-inspiring.

Sorry, these movies aren't all the same genre as movies like The Net, but they're good women-can-do-amazing-things movies. I wasn't sure if you were looking for more martial-arts-inspiring movies or more women-power movies. I tried to give you some of both.

A: Dear Mamacita,

The Pelican Brief</I> also comes to mind. Oooh, and Wild Hearts Can't be Broken. There's also North Country, which is an amazing story about the first class-action lawsuit for sexual discrimination (although it is rated R).

Those are just a few that I thought of off the top of my head.

-Kicks and Giggles
A: Dear K&G,

I can't believe I left off The Pelican Brief. I'm in love with that movie. Also, I just bought the book for $1. Mmmm...maybe I should start that tonight...

Also, I like that you know Wild Hearts Can't be Broken, and I second your vote that it fits this category.

A: Dear friend,

You ask a hard question! I asked some of my feminist friends, and one recommended Memoirs of a Geisha and Lord of the Rings, specifically the part with Eowyn. LoL. I'm not convinced those movies really fit with what you're asking for.

You could look into The Day My God Died, which is a movie about sex trafficking--not really about women power, per se, but definitely a motivation to get women more power and raise awareness on what's going on in the world as far as women are concerned.

I kind of liked The Devil Wears Prada a little bit. It's not necessarily a woman fighting for her life, but she's fighting for her career, and also the two main guys are kind of attractive, which is a plus. :^P

One Night With the King is a gooder. You can tell it was low-budget, but hey: it's a good story, and the costuming is phenomenal. The movie is the story of Esther, and it's pretty good. Definitely about a strong woman. The soundtrack is kind of awesome.

Much Ado About Nothing with Kenneth Branaugh is amazing. I love that movie! Beatrice, I think, is an amazing example of a strong woman standing up against traditional female roles in a patriarchal society.

I also kind of support 10 Things I Hate About You, that also fitting into this category, kind of. Hmm.

Yay woman power.

-Lexi Khan