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Question #34559 posted on 03/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear Board,
We work at the MTC. The back wall of our office is glass and looks into an atrium. The window to our office on the opposite side of the glass wall, is open to the hall to allow missionaries and employees to come and ask us questions. Like you, we get pointless questions constantly, one of them being "what's that room for?" referring to our atrium. We have come up with several answers including but not limited to:

-It's the oxygen supply for the entire MTC
-It's bulletproof glass, so we put the prophet in there when he comes to visit
-It's to climatize the missionaries going to South America.

Yes, they do believe these answers. We're looking for new material...any suggestions?

Those Who Love to Confuse Missionaries

A: Dear Confusing,

[I haven't seen the atrium, so disregard any of these that don't quite fit.]

It used to be a giant aquarium.

It's where employees go to tan.

They forgot to finish that part of the building.

They plan on setting up a food court sometime soon.

Go off on some long-winded analogy to the Spirit. (The sun is like the Spirit—it can get through the glass like it can enter our hearts, but if we don't clean the windows it's like letting sin build up by not repenting, and the Spirit has a hard time getting in.) The window exists specifically to teach this deep spiritual lesson.

It's actually an elaborate virtual-reality screen. Pretty good illusion, huh?

—Laser Jock
A: Dear Confusion

Awesome question. How about:
  • They had to build around the endangered field mouse habitat.
  • That's where we go fishing.
  • The prophet received a vision there. It's like our own sacred grove.
  • It's a statue garden.
  • There's a font back there for outdoor baptisms.
  • The MTC president has a thing for plants.
  • It's an enclosed habitat, like Biosphere.
  • It's an extension of the TRC. That's one-way glass. We use it to observe missionaries in a natural environment.
  • The MTC borders the Provo Zoo. That's the reptile house.
  • The especially righteous missionaries get to pray there - without their companions.
  • That's where they filmed Testaments.
  • It's for claustrophobic missionaries.
  • It's the tai chi area for asian missionaries.

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