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Question #34742 posted on 04/02/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

so BYU-provo vs BYU-Idaho. Pros and cons. Which one?

Vegas Heat brought to the icy mormon north.

A: Dear Vegas ~

Having attended both, I think I'm qualified for this one.

- About 10 degrees warmer on any given day.
- More recognition from the world.
- Things stay open past 10.
- Bigger cities and closer. More selection.
- More choices for majors.
- Sports.
- More clubs and activities.
- Larger meat market (yes, I do mean dating).
- You get to meet all the authors of all the religon books they sell at Deseret Book.
- We have the 100 Hour Board.

- Small classes
- Teachers who remember you after only one class. (I still keep in touch with a teacher I had once back in 2001.)
- Much easier to get an A. :)
- Close walk to campus—no matter where you live. The walk from my off-campus apartment to the furthest building on campus was closer than my walk now from my fairly close-to-campus house to the nearest building on campus.
- More of a hometown feel.
- Broulims. They deliver your groceries to your door for $1.
- Growing steadily. There's always someplace new to try.
- Sand dunes, ice caves, Tetons, Green Canyon hot springs, lots and lots of open space for recreation without having to drive very far.
- Large selection of Intermural Sports.
- Mostly flat campus. No killer hill of death to climb to get to your classes every day.
- Parking is $5. And a lot closer to campus.
- They get out of classes on April 6th. They have 5 weeks off for a summer break.
- The most amazing stalkernet.

(Note: The Cons are specific to the school. If you want more, take the Pros for the other school and reverse them. There may be some overlap anyway.)
- Killer hill of death on South Campus.
- Grad student parking 10 miles closer to campus than any Y lot. (This is a pro if you are a grad student.)
- The campus is huge!!!. I had to carry a map in my bag for my first year down here to make sure I knew where I was going. Even now, after 3 years, I hear of buildings I've never heard of before.
- Classes of 200 people. :S
- Teachers from last semester that don't recognize you at all.
- Impossible to find a job. Especially in the summer.
- No Spring Break.

- No Spring Break (anymore).
- Wind. Every day.
- Everything closes at 10.
- Curfews and Boys out. 1-2 hours in between. Where do you go? To the Lounge to make-out. If you're single, stay away from all lounges/rec rooms, etc. Don't look inside cars in the parking lot.
- No capris, shorts, flip flops, overalls, etc.
- Cleaning check on a weekly basis.
- 1 hour (not 50 minute) classes.
- The incredibly detailed stalkernet.

Which one?! Hahahahaha. I can't tell you that. "I could no sooner pick a favorite star in the sky!" (Name that movie! Ok, no—not really. I don't need 20 new questions telling me that it's Ever After. Really.)

Do what I did. Get your Associates at BYU-Idaho, then transfer down to BYU. You get all your generals done with easier classes. Then you transfer down, don't have to do any of the BYU generals (except resident religion hours), have a wider selection of majors to choose from, and get your bachelors from a more prestigious school. Plus, you get the experience of both. Which I would highly recommend.

~ Dragon Lady
A: Dear VH,

If you like your bones aching from intense cold, go to Rexburg (or, as we Idahoans call it, Iceburg). If you want to wear flip-flops and overalls on campus, head on down here to Provo.


P.S. Dragon Lady, excellent job with your list.
A: Dear Vegas Heat,

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- the librarian