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Question #34992 posted on 04/07/2007 3:01 a.m.

dear, dear 100 hour board,

For about 2 years now i have been in a melancholy. This is troubling to me. The reason for this state of sadness is because, i wish to replica my house... but completely out of styrafoam... where can i order/go/or find materials to make such a montrosity? I have been awaiting the day when i may unleash my irascible rage on the stryafoam house with a baseball bat!...i mean how fun would that be?!?!?
thanks a whole bunch

-person the third-

(umm if this cant work a life size styrafoam car will due)

A: Dear he (I assume),

How fun would that be? About 538.

If I were you, I'd look at companies like Texas Foam, that make custom styrofoam products. Invite me when the carnage begins; that's something I've gotta see.

-=Optimus Prime=-