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Question #350 posted on 07/15/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
[Reader's comments on the question posted on 10/7 by anonymous and replied by idealogical] I guess the gender imbalance issue in China is worsened by the government's "one-child" policy, i.e. each family is allowed to give birth to only one child unless there are very exceptional circumstances (e.g. the first born is mentally challenged, or that there was no male descendents for a certain number of generations etc). While there have been rumours going on that there are killing of female babies in the rural areas (I refrain from commenting if this is true or not as there is no conclusive report on that), my stance is that the balance of population of genders is best achieved by natural ways (i.e. without the implementation of the one-child policy), which also means we will leave it to the hands of our Father.
- Want-to-serve-a-mission-in-China Reader