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Question #35183 posted on 04/12/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Just how effective is a washing machine? I mean, if I happened to throw a moldy, food encrusted rag in with a full load of laundry would everything come out disinfected and free of waste particles?

- Willow

A: Dear Willow,

Disinfected, no. Free of food particles . . . maybe. It depends on how stuck on there they are and how full the washer is. If you really want it clean (and disinfected), my recommendation would be to first clean off the encrusted food in the sink, and then put it in a medium-to-small load and add bleach. (This may not be such a good idea if it's colored.) If you can't use bleach, at least get off any obvious food first, and wash it in a smaller load with a little extra soap, maybe with a longer cycle. It should come out clean if you do that.

—Laser Jock