If you want to arrange it, this world you can change it. -Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the most fun date you've ever been on? And what are some other fun ideas for dates?


A: Dear you,

I took my dog to a movie once. Just me and him. I think we went to see Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. We both had a great time.

A: My dear,

There's this school bus factory two or three hours from where my family lives. We'd pass it on the way to state science fair. I always loved to see it out the window, and wished that we could stop and investigate further. I fully intend to do this someday: what an amazing date that will make!

Thus, my suggestion would be, go visit a school bus factory and try to get a tour! Bringing bubbles would be a good idea as well.

Next on my list is folding socks. Oh, the romantic-ness of it all!

- The Defenestrator
A: Dear you,

I think the funnest date I've been on so far would be a series of dates I've gone on recently. Me and mine took a couple of cartons of eggs and threw them at things like parking lots, softball diamonds and railroad tracks. It's way fun making sure you don't get caught, and it's cheap to boot.

As for cheap and fun date ideas, feel free to search the archives. That's why we keep them around. They're categorized, even. Use them.

- Optimistic.