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Question #3551 posted on 02/24/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear :::Latro:::,

Thanks for the Latin translation. Sorry about not giving context, but it works pretty good. It's supposed to be a charm to keep thieves away. Dismas and Gesmas are traditionally the names of the two thieves crucified with Christ, with Dismas being the repentant one. And thanks for the link to the Latin translator. There is actually a lot of Latin in this book, and I couldn't find a good online translator.

- Cosette

A: Dear Cosette,
No prob. Interesting context- makes we want to read Les Mis. Like I have time for reading anything other than the board...
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"Nunc Sciis Quid Amor Sit" (snaps to Textor, who I think is on a mission now)
::: Latro :::