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Question #356 posted on 07/14/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Atop our 8th floor perch in the SWKT, we have followed closely the construction of the new Smith Bldg. Some of us are having a debate and hope you can resolve it. Our question is, what are all those basement chambers on the south side of the building going to be used for? I hope and pray they're simply dungeons for whiney students. My coworkers think they're going to be offices. Who's right?
- Your friends in sociology

A: Dear Sociologist,
Like you, I have been following the progression of this building for some time, albeit from a more earthbound perch. No one I talked to would give me a straight answer, but they all agreed they would not be dungeons for whiny students. Some made comment (off the record) that they could be dungeons for Psych kiddies, but it seems that right now the use is up in the air. My guess would be offices, of maybe experimentation labs. Have a wonderful day courtesy
~ Your friend in Social Science