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Question #357 posted on 07/14/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Are there any single guys on the board? I think y`all are hilarious. Is there any way you could go about putting your pictures next to your alias so chicks like us could get double our daily dose?!
-highly amused

A: Dear Highly Amused,
Thank you for the compliment. Yes, there are single, male writers for the Board. I assure you, we are all as good-looking as we are funny. And we are really, REALLY funny. However, posting pictures would completely undermine the whole anonymity aspect of the 100 Hour Board, which is central to its purpose. Thus, we must reject your proposal.

However, you are free to submit pictures of yourself, along with your e-mail address, into the currently non-existent 100 Hour Board box in the Wilk. (We should be getting a new, titanium, jewel-encrusted box any day now) and we will have it scanned and e-mailed to all the single, male writers. If we're interested, you'll find out within 100 hours...
- Single Male Writer