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Question #35757 posted on 04/30/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
So, by the time this posts I should be in Paris. Do you have any suggestions for me while I'm there (or here, as it shall be when I'm reading this)? Any particular postcards you would appreciate receiving?
-The Chalice of Evil

A: Dear CoE,

Avant-garde artwork. I will send you my address.

A: Dear CoE,

All I have to say is stay out of gutter. The sewers in Paris are filthy. Just go to the museum instead.

-wet blanket
A: Dear c,

From a friend who's quite familiar with France:

Guard your money on the metro, because people are gonna want to steal it.

Don't spend too much on a hotel room.

Enjoy real French food, not just McDonald's. Best suggestion - anything you find on a street corner.

Everything that you've heard about is worth visiting. You're not going to be disappointed by any of the sights.

-Olympus (or rather, her friend)