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Question #3584 posted on 02/23/2004 12:04 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
To the people who complained that you can't just tell someone that you're interested in that they should ask you out: You can. That's how I got my first date with my husband.

Of course it helps if you think they at least *might* like you. All I did was mention a movie that I hadn't seen. He said he'd seen it and it was good. He said it was very good. I asked if it was good enough to see twice, and he said yes. So I said, "Then you should take me, so I can see it."

- Nafo

A: Dear Nafo,
Oh wow that's smooth. I wish a girl I liked would say that to me. Seriously... so smooth. Snaps.
::: Latro :::