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Question #3598 posted on 02/27/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If girls want to go out with me so bad why don't they ask me out?

- SJ

A: Dear Self-absorbed Jerk,

Your conceitedness might have something to do with it.

-CGNU Grad
A: Dear SJ,

Point one: they might not want to go out with you.

Point two: even if they do, it's not their job to do the asking. The man is supposed to do the wooing. He offers his heart and then the girls gets to either accept or reject it. Simple as that.

Arise from the dust and be a man.

A: Dear SJ,

They might not be able to find you behind your ego.

- Beemer Boy
A: Dear SJ,

How about friday night?

The captain