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Question #360 posted on 07/14/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Today I was in the Bookstore and the TV showed Strong Bad and his email about Ali and Ali's sister! Is this legal? How did they get it from flash cartoon to TV?
- Sorry, I know you're tired of references to HR and SB

A: Dear Homestar Runner and Strong Bad referencer,
I'm sure they got permission to rebroadcast the content via television. If you review the Terms of Use under "Legal Stuff", it indicates such reproduction is not legal without written permission. So, either Homestar Runner has an opportunity to sue a television station, or they got permission. As for how they got it to TV, they could have either set up the transmission to only display the section of screen containing the cartoon, or they could have converted it to an MPG or AVI movie file, or recorded it on video tape (geez, if they're ancient) and played it like any other content they broadcast.
- The Guardian (formerly Rufus, but I don't have red hair. See the posting for July 8)