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Dear 100 Hour Board,

What were the prophets favorite games to play when they were younger?

- Anonymous

A: Dear unaccountable,

Oh, all the ol' favorites:
  • Hide 'n' Go Seek and Ye Shall Find
  • Go Fish Men
  • Kick the Can of Bad Habits
  • Ring Around the Rosy-Cheeked Girl's Finger
  • Tag... Along With the Missionaries
  • Old Maid Needs Some Service
  • Duck, Duck, Goose Dinner for the Widow
  • Simon Says His Testimony
  • Red Light, Green Light, Help the Old Lady Across the Street
  • Mother May I Do My Chores?
  • Dodge Ball of Temptation
  • Don't Steal the Bacon
  • Don't Slapjack
  • Don't Capture the Flag
  • Baby If You Love Me, Won't You Marry Me in the Temple
  • Name That Tune From the Hymnbook
  • Twenty Questions an Investigator Might Ask
  • Etc.
-=Optimus Prime=-
A: Dear Anonymous,

To find out which specific game was each prophet's favorite I'm afraid you're just going to have to interview them in the hereafter.

-Just Another Cassio
...noting that these questions are about as difficult as finding out which tooth was Attila the Hun's favorite.