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Question #3632 posted on 02/24/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
on the twenty third you printed a statement about girls being better drivers and getting into fewer accidents and all. According to statistics, girls actually get into MORE accidents than men, the reason for the disproportionate insurance is the fact that, in total, men account for a larger monetary expense seeing as how when a guy wrecks his car, he usually wrecks it at about 1/4 light speed. Between all the people I know who have gotten in wrecks in the past few years, 100% have been caused by women my best friend, my father and I were all hit by girls, whereas my fiancee was actually the cause of a few some years ago. And guys, don't wig out when people post dumb stuff, if someone had responded to your comments in the same manner in which you responded to this guys, they would have been humiliated for the rest of eternity (or at least the existence of the board.) keep up the good work, and sorry about the looonnnnngggg sentences, I've been doing my Portuguese 315 mid-term stuff and long sentences are not only encouraged, they're practically mandatory!
- Gender peacemaker