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Question #3658 posted on 03/01/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I'm wondering how normal or abnormal I am so here are a couple questions that I want answers and percentages on. What percentage of people tie their shoes with double knots? What percentage of people read while they sit on "The John" How many meals per day does the average college freshman eat? what percantage of college students still enjoy watching cartoons? Just in case you want to count my answers for your percentages my answers are Yes, No, 6 meals (no I'm not fat), yes.
- I got my CGNU deploma in "indian giving"

A: Dear I got,
According to my notoriously inaccurate and statistically insubstantive poll, these are the following results:

People who tie their shoes with a double knot: 50%
People who read on the pot: 15%
Average meals a day eaten by a college freshman: 2.5
Percentage of college students that enjoy watching cartoons: 91%

All answers are accurate to plus or minus 50%. And finally, we must conclude that you are not normal. Who asks a question like that anyway?