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Question #36852 posted on 06/13/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

In Board Question #36264 I asked about transcripts of the SPEECHES given at University commencement and college convocation. The answer I was given related to GRADE transcripts available from the record office. I appreciate Hobbes' previous help, but can any of you find information on the SPEECHES from graduation.

- BYU Alum still looking for an answer

A: Dear BYU Alum,

You can definitely obtain transcriptions of all speeches given at commencement. For example, Dick Cheney's speech is available at speeches.byu.edu. To get a hold of a commencement speech from a specific college I would contact the Deans Office of that college. They usually contract a student to transcribe those. In fact, I've been hired to transcribe the commencement speeches for my particular college. (I'm almost done with that.)

There you go!

-Just Another Cassio
...apologizing for the miscommunication.