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Question #36903 posted on 06/16/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do any of you male writers find it sexy when a woman doesn't shave her armpits? For some reason I really like it, in an "Amazon" kind of way. Am I a freak?

Yea baby..

A: My dear,


Wow, that's just absolutely hilarious.

How 'bout it, guys?

- The Defenestrator
A: Dear Negativo Chico,

I think most-all body hair is repulsive. Yes, you are a freak.

-Castle in the Sky
A: Dear Freak

(1) No (I have the same feelings about leg hair).
(2) Yeah, a little bit.

-Humble Master
A: Dear Freak~

I dated a sasquatch once. Not pretty.

Yeah, you're a freak.