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Question #37124 posted on 06/21/2007 3:01 a.m.

Regarding Board Question #37014,

Not only does the church provide Spanish wards/branches in the US (644 of them), but other languages as well.

Taken from the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders, it shows that Utah (because that's the report I decided to run) alone has one unit* (ward or branch) of Cambodian, German, Laotian-Thai, Navajo and Russian. Two Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Three Portuguese. Six Deaf, 10 Samoan, 22 Tongan and 121 Spanish.

*These are wards or branches that are set to be language units. Sometimes they will have units where a language is offered but the main language is something else (as in I once attended a Chinese ward but they had Korean listed as an optional language.) I only counted the units that were meant for their language.

~Chillylint (who no longer looks up wards for a living)