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Question #3744 posted on 03/01/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I have been studying the Clery Act recently and I have wondered about its impact on enrollment. First off, what are the most dangerous college campuses in the US, in terms of violent crimes (murder, manslaughter, armed robbery and sexual assault)? Have any of these seen a significant decrease in enrollment because of their reporting? Have any of them stepped up their safety policies and policing with good results?
- Barney Fife

A: Dear Don,

Most, if not all, of your answers should be found at http://filebox.vt.edu/chre/elps/EPI/Clery.pdf.

You can also browse http://www.securityoncampus.org/schools/research/index.html for more information.

-CGNU Grad