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Question #3747 posted on 03/01/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I'm looking for an INEXPENSIVE, decent co-ed apartment complex that includes utilities and local phone in the bill. I want something located near the Athletes Center and I'm hoping to be around people with high standards. Any suggestions?
-Desperately out-of-state

A: Dear Desperate,
I tried looking for housing for my sister, and it was a disaster. She hated the place and moved out within a week, despite the fact that I thought the place was fantastic. Then she moved into a place I wouldn't have winked at, and loves it. Go fig.
So instead of trying to houdini up a perfect place for you, I'm going to send you where I went, and where my sister went, and let you make phone calls and stuff yourself. You'd be amazed what people will tell you straight up if you call and ask them.
You can tweak the search function pretty well to find what you want. Good luck.
::: Latro :::