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Question #3881 posted on 03/09/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am so excited for spring! When will the grounds people plant spring flowers on campus? When do Temple ground workers plant flowers too?

- I Can't Wait!

A: Dear Can't Wait,
There's no set time, really, to start planting. They usually do it when they think there won't be any more freezes. So planting usually begins April sometime, maybe end of March. In my past years at BYU, graduation has always been full bloom.
As for the second half of your question, the other year my ward did a service project to plant bulbs on Temple Square in mid-March. It turned out to be too cold, so we didn't plant the bulbs as previously anticipated. They want to have new plants for General Conference, so they always have stuff planted before then.
I, too, am looking forward to spring, and the warmth therein.