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Question #390 posted on 07/07/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I was reading this Bart Simpson's "Guide To Life" and was thoroughly enjoying it until I hit the last page which read "Other uses of this book... #19. Bequeath it to Brigham Young University". Not sure if this is worth a laugh. Anyone knows why is this inserted?
- Homer "D'oh!"

A: Dear Homer Duh,
Two of the writers for the show were rejected from admittance to Brigham Young University for their undergraduate work. They felt that it was both ironic and comical that their names wouldn't go down in the record books of BYU officially as students, but rather as writers for a syndicated cartoon sitcom that had reached epic proportions. By bequeathing the book to BYU, you would be participating in a sly form of dramatic irony: where they were once not allowed for normal reasons, they now are for abnormal reasons. See, it works.
- PEZkopf