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Question #3909 posted on 03/08/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Have you ever thought of selling 100 Hour Board T-shirts? I mean, I'd buy one.
- the Gentleman

A: Dear Gentleman,

We're in the process of it right now. Details to come.

A: Dear the Gentleman,

Actually, if we were to be truthful, some of our closer friends (who know that we write for The Board) already have shirts. Kind of like market testing...

-the pirates (who don't do anything)
A: Dear Gentleman,

Yeah. Not fair. I mean, why should those people get shirts just 'cause they're friends with the Powers that Be, and I don't even get one, and I write for us? What's with that?

Oh, well. My little brother's seen them. He likes them. So I had to promise I'd buy him one as soon as they came up for sale.

--Ambrosia, who thinks the shirts are kickin' and would be proud to wear one
A: Dear the Gentleman,
Thought? Yes, we did. And have done. And will be soon. Grood.
- The Queen of Everything