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Question #39398 posted on 09/22/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are any of you familiar with the BYU-Idaho tradition of stadium singing? What are the origins of it (i.e. when did it start, why, etc.) Is there a similar tradition/activity in Provo?

- Cold and Curious

A: Dear Chilly,

When I first heard the term "stadium singing," I was thinking, "Hey, not a bad idea. If you're going to get together and sing, it's good to do it in a place with seats and such."

Nope. It's under the bleachers. I find BYU-I's choice of location interesting, especially considering that at most other universities...well, under the bleachers isn't normally used for such reverential purposes.

According to this article, Stadium Singing started in fall of 2000, based apparently on their love for hymns and hypothermia. Students gathered under the bleachers on Sunday night for about thirty minutes to sing their favorite hymns. I guess they just didn't get enough singing at church and decided that they wanted more. The event started with about fifty people, but a friend of mine who is a frequent attendee tells me that there were about 300 last week. Many describe it as a good way to end up the Sabbath. I can see that...but were no indoor locations available?

I suspect that this began from the same general mindset as BYU Tunnel Singing. I went to do that once in my freshman year, and it was an OK experience. A bunch of folks gathered in the tunnel between the Marriott Center and the rest of campus late on a Sunday evening to sing hymns. I enjoy the hymns as much as the next man, but again...just too cold. But I could see some reason for a tunnel. Maybe the acoustics are better. I wonder how the sound is under those bleachers.