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Question #39707 posted on 10/03/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you know a public domain source for the hymn tune Royal Oak? This is the tune used with All Things Bright and Beautiful in the Children's Songbook, 1989 (LDS). I haven't seen the tune published in any public domain sources, but the Cyberhymnal claims it's public domain. Whatever you can find will be helpful, I'm sure. My searching on Google Books didn't turn up anything (that's a great place to search for hymn information). The Cyberhymnal says it was first published in 1915 (it doesn't say whether it was published with the lyrics, but I don't need to know that in particular). The sources that the Cyberhymnal cites for the information are not public domain (although they may tell of other sources; I haven't been able to find them, yet, myself--so I'm not sure--but I haven't checked the library).

- Vaorshlawgnieeye

A: Dear Vaorshlawgnieeye,

I found the sheet music for it here. And if that link stops working, you can also try this search, which brought up quite a few relevant-looking hits. (I couldn't find any public domain recordings, but that's not too surprising, since copyright laws regarding recordings are pretty tangled. See Board Question #38442 for more on that.)

—Laser Jock