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Question #39912 posted on 10/10/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100ish Hour Board,

I know you guys sometimes take longer than your purported time frame, but do ever answer and post questions in LESS than 100 hours?


A: Dear Reacher Gilt,

Post answers? No.

A: Dear peaver,

No, we don't. If we started answering questions in under 100 hours, pretty soon everyone would start saying "Please answer this question in 48 hours. It's REALLY important." People would see us as a source for quick answers too, and our question load would double. And then they'd get upset when we took our 100 hours occasionally and, you know, had a life or something.

Of course, there are certainly some questions that are marked answered in under 100 hours. It's not that we can't ever answer anything that quickly. We just feel that the Board is better off this way.

Besides, you'd never get a question with more than one answer! Think of all the fun you'd be missing out on! Dozens of thrills per minute, surely.