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Question #40644 posted on 11/14/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who is Jean Fossum May and why does she have a building named after her?

- I Wish I Were Mr. May.... she's sexy

A: Dear Mr. May,

Jean Fossum May was the head resident of Stover Hall for ten years, until her death in 1969. According to her obituary in the Daily Herald, she was born in Oregon in 1909. She married Andrew May in 1930, who unfortunately died three years later (hmm, maybe you don't want to be him after all!), leaving her with two sons. She began working as head resident in 1959, and died of a stroke in 1969.

Now, according to records concerning the naming of Helaman Halls, there were originally only seven buildings; apparently May Hall was built later. My best guess is that they named the new hall for her because she was amazing. She was widowed at twenty four, raised two sons on her own, and still had the energy to take on single male college students. She sounds like quite the lady.

A: Dear wishful thinker,

She has a biography in HBLL Special Collections, if you'd care to find out more. It's called Biography of Jean Fossum May.